Inclusive Recreation

Inclusive recreation offers individuals of all abilities the opportunity to freely participate and to lead healthy, active lives.

Recreation NL provides advice, guidance and support for inclusive recreation. We assist in developing workshops, grants and resources to support our community members with inclusive practices.

Advocate for inclusion issues such as accessibility
Provide training opportunities for communities to provide inclusive programming.

Develop and maintain partnerships to enhance inclusive recreation opportunities.

To access inclusion resources, please visit The Rec Zone

Recreation & Sport For Persons With a Disability Initiative

The Recreation and Sport for Persons with a Disability Initiative provides support for persons with a disability to fully participate in recreation and sport activities by building capacity, removing barriers and developing actions through working with key representatives from the recreation, sport, education and disability sectors. Recreation NL is the managing partners of the initiative.

Key Objectives of this Initiative:

  •  Distribution of grants geared towards recreation and sport for persons with a disability to improve opportunities to be physically active through travel, equipment availability and increase in programs within the community
  • Enhance the awareness and education about persons with disabilities within the recreation, sport, and physical activity sector
  • Increase the number of persons with a disability in recreation and sport programs throughout NL


For funding information, please click here

Key Objectives of this Initiative:

  • Increase the number of recreation and sport programs, opportunities, trained leaders available for persons with a disability in the province
  • Improve accessibility of events and facilities to encourage participation amongst persons with a disability in recreation and sport
  • Coordination of an annual key stakeholder meeting

Parasport Group Contacts

Recreation NL works to support parasport development in Newfoundland and Labrador. Parasport has become a term that describes sport for persons with a physical disability that parallels able-bodied sport and is often offered as a component of an existing sport. To contact a parasport group in your area, please click here.




You Can Play Too!

The You Can Play Too! workshop is a resource that Recreation NL developed in partnership with the City of St. John’s to facilitate inclusive recreation in the community. It is a half-day course that provides information on how to create an inclusive environment, how to adapt activities and provides behavioural management techniques.

Course participants receive a manual which provides disability information as well as forms such as medical information forms, incident reporting, emergency plans, accessibility check lists etc.

For more information on the You Can Play Too! Workshop, please contact Megan Cummings

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