NLVaxPass Questions with responses from Public Health

October 22, 2021

Below are the latest NLVaxPass questions and response from Public Health:

Is our organization permitted to require proof of vaccination for all those eligible (12-18) at our competitions or is the organization mandated to follow the government rules, which state no proof is required for ages 12-18? Once our provincial team travels out of province, proof of vaccinations are required by PEI, ON & QC

The Special Measures Order does not require proof of vaccination for 12-18 year olds participating in sport/recreation activities.

Not having to scan passports of kids 12-18 who are participating to promote recreation and to not lose kids with no vaccine yet, yet there are going to be extra costs with staffing and security that will be all put back on the users for the most part. Also youth participating don’t have to get scanned, but if they leave the facility for 5 minutes & come back then they need to be scanned.  For example, if a child is participating in a tournament and play at 9am, then want to come back to watch the 11am game they would no longer be a participant, they would be a spectator. Not sure if we are splitting hairs on that, but there is no real way to control it unless all players for every tournament are given a pass for that weekend.

All spectators aged 12 and older would need to provide proof of vaccination, regardless.

Can we put a sign on the front door telling visitors/spectators to the arena from 8:30 am – 4 pm that they have to come to the Admin Office on the second floor to get scanned?  We have a ticket office on the first floor, however it is only open for a couple hours a day during pubic skating sessions. We will already have scanned our regular user group coaches, officials. It will just be spectators or anyone on the walking track.

This is an operational decision.

How would the verification process work with ice rentals for a private function (e.g. birthday party, etc). Will youth between the age of 12-18 need to be fully vaccinated to attend?

Birthday parties are considered to be gatherings, where proof of vaccination would be required for everyone 12 years and older.

People are hearing 2 different dates regarding employees/volunteers needing to be vaccinated by, December 1 and 17. Please clarify by which date Sport/Recreation Employees/volunteers need to be vaccinated by?

These regulations are still in development. December 17 was the date announced for public service workers to be fully immunized.

In our virtual meeting last week, we discussed use of school facilities not requiring POV. Need clarification on if this applies to the adult groups renting from schools or just school related activities for students attending the school?

NLESD will circulate information to schools about how to apply the Vaccine Passport.

Vaccine passports will be required at:

-School-based activities that take place outside of school hours (e.g., school concerts, sports games, etc.)

-Gatherings of any size that are hosted at a school as a rental facility (including free of charge rentals). For example:

-Weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, faith-based gatherings, etc.

-Gymnasiums or other areas used for indoor sports or recreation

-Rooms used for group music, art, dance, and drama activities occur – including bands, choirs, dance and music classes

This applies to all spectators and those participants not under the youth exemptions.

Situations with Respect to Schools Where NLVaxPass is not required:

-School-based activities that take place during school hours (does not include school rentals from external groups)

-Before and after school programs

Is it sufficient to look at paper copies of the vaccine record instead of using the vax app?

Yes, paper vaccination records can be accepted if a QR code is not available.

Does the QR code need to be scanned or can the operator just view the persons app that shows they have met the vaccination status or not?

The QR code cannot be forged, therefore it is preferred to scan the QR code as proof of vaccination.

Do organizations need to view identification of an individual they know?

The Special Measures Order indicates that proof of identification is required.

Who is responsible for removing someone that does not meet the requirements of vaccination. Renter or facility operator?

Individuals who do not meet the requirements of vaccination should not be permitted access. The responsibility of verifying vaccination status should be clearly identified with rental groups.

Does participating in activities (e.g., recreation/sport, programs/lesson, etc.,) include participating as a spectator? Or do all spectators, including those 12 -18 years old, have to show Proof of Vaccine (POV)?

All spectators aged 12 years and older need to show proof of vaccination.

Staff and volunteers have until December 17th to be fully vaccinated. Does this include volunteer coaches & board members?

These regulations are still in development. More information will be available soon

Does POV need to be shown for outdoor programs where participants do not enter a building (e.g., recreation programs/activities, sports, drive-in movies, etc.)?


Can facilities and recreation providers ask youth 12-18 years of age for proof of age?


What to do when a QR code doesn’t scan due to a poor print quality?

Paper vaccination records are also acceptable.

Is a physical copy of NL vaccinations an acceptable form of POV for NL residents? In the Key Messages, it states that a physical copy of a NL vaccination is permitted for residents of NL, but on the Government NL website it states a physical copy is only valid for people from outside the province. What is acceptable for participants from other countries?

Yes, paper vaccination records are also acceptable, regardless of place of origin/residence.

Is contact tracing still required? Is it required when POV is shown? Is contact tracing still required for those who are not required to show POV, e.g. ages 12-18 who are participating in recreation and sport activities?

Contact tracing is not a requirement under any Special Measures Order, but is recommended for the purpose of assisting Public Health with outbreak investigations.

If a municipality puts the responsibility of checking POV on facility user groups, and it’s determined the user group did not check POVs, who would be liable – the municipality or the user group?

Groups are advised to check with legal consultants on matters regarding liability

Can you ask for proof of medical exception of COVID-19 shots?

Yes, if a QR code is not provided, individuals with an approved medical exemption should provide physical proof in the form of a letter from their physician or nurse practitioner noting the exemption.

Members have concerns with short timeline in understanding/implementation of NLVaxPass verification. Extra staff & equipment is required & funding is not available to assist.

There will be no extension to the date of implementation.

What rights do the arenas have when denying entry to the arena – legally? Also how do you get someone to leave your rink when they out right refuse? Will the RCMP/ RNC remove?

Groups are advised to check with legal consultants on matters regarding their rights. If a client is unwilling to leave, law enforcement may be contacted.

Are children ages 12-18 required to show proof of vaccination as spectators? Note: The government website is confusing as under “requirements” at the top it says children 12-18 who are participating in activities are required to show POV but then down the page further under “exemptions” it says they don’t. If people go no further when they read the top if the page, it will cause a lot of confusion

Yes, all spectators aged 12 years and older are required to show proof of vaccination.

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